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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter Online
The Monster Hunter franchise has never been popular here in the West, nicely that was until Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U.'s release Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate saw increases in unit sales whilst the United Kingdom appreciated a 115% climb in Wii U sales, although the Wii U struggled at launch because of a choice of games that were available. CryENGINE 3 will guarantee Tencent Games, and is the perfect match for the series and Capcom are equipped to make Monster Hunter Online. Appealing to a worldwide audience doesn't usually mean the game is going to be limited to a certain region or country. 

Crytek did say that this was an accident and the news release was reworded by them. Though the video showcased lots of enemies and features, that isn't important. What's significant is another response from Monster Hunter community and the gaming. The Monster Hunter MMO, Monster Hunter Frontier's release, wasn't met with everywhere near the levels of enthusiasm we're seeing. Sure, the game performed well in Japan as it sold 93, 000 copies during its first week of launching and the Xbox 360 version was also rather profitable. 

Nevertheless, if we compare that to Dragon Hunter Online along with the supporting hype of Dragon Hunter 3 Ultimate, it is a whole different scenario. Capcom reported that Dragon Hunter 3 Ultimate, one of a few other titles, helped to increase their annual sales by 14.6% with Dragon Hunter only missing the top spot because of digital downloads that are not utilized in NPD reports. A Capcom investors encounter shortly after the success of Dragon Hunter Online speculates that Dragon Hunter 4 would sell 2.8m copies, over double in comparison with rumored previous estimations. 

So what does all this mean? Capcom are well Aware of the huge success of Dragon Hunter here from the West. Nevertheless, as with previous titles Capcom aren't At the helm of the project since Tencent Games are taking the reigns. The connection between the two companies has seen many a profitable Monster Hunter game in latest years so there's literally no reason to not expect a western version.

monster hunter world release date 26 jan 2018

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