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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock
WASHINGTON, D.C. Citing increasing nuclear risks And unchecked climate risks, the iconic Doomsday watch has moved to a few Minutes before midnight, the nearest to the symbolic point of annihilation the Clock has been since 1953. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists said Thursday they believe the world is just as close as it's ever been to a so called doomsday scenario. It's with great concern that we set the time of the 2018 doomsday clock and offer an appeal to rewind the doomsday clock, said Bulletin of Atomic Scientists President and Chief executive officer Rachel Bronson. As of today, it's two minutes to midnight. 

Weve made the statement that we feel the world is becoming more dangerous, said Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss. In accordance with The Bulletin, nuclear issues took centre stage, including President Donald Trumps statements concerning the prospect of actually using atomic weapons. Armed control discussions and new tests of North Korea contributed to the change of the time. Climate change was also a factor to the main cause of the time movement citing Disasters across the world with the Caribbean area along with other portions of North America undergoing a season of historic harm from strong hurricanes. Extreme heat waves occurred in Australia, South America, Asia, Europe, and dangerous fires in California, with increasing evidence that heat related illness and death have been factors, as well. 

The clocks movement doesn't respond to individual events not a single factor led to the bulletins decision, but the nuclear situation the world is in was a major concern, scientists said. Things haven't improved, theyve actually made worse, scientists said. The last time the clock was so close to midnight was in 1953, when the US and the Soviet Union were engaged in a nuclear arms race. A team of Nobel prizes at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has been compiling research and analysis to set the Doomsday Clock since 1945. In 2017, the table moved the clock from 3 minutes to midnight, to two and a half minutes to midnight.

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