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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tips for Building a Successful Affiliate Website

You’ve chosen affiliate marketing as a main or supplementary source of income. Smart move!
Now it’s time to create your marketing plan and you want to know how to build a successful affiliate website
 to make money with your promotions.
The first thing you need to do is choose how you will set up your site. You have a few possibilities here:
1. E-commerce Style – This type of site is set up as if you were the vendor. You choose a niche, target market or product line and build the website around showcasing the products.
2. Information Style – An information type of site is built to first get information seekers and then convert them into buyers.
3. Blog Style – You may want to start an affiliate blog where you blog about your experiences from a personal point of view.
4. Combination of Styles – Of course you can have any combination of the styles mentioned above.
In order to make your decision you need to consider the resources you have on hand. For example: an e-commerce style site will not require a huge amount of content to get started but promotions will be key. An information style site will require a large amount of content and it’s a good idea to create search engine optimized content. On the other hand, a blog style site will require a lot of personal time and attention. Each style has it’s advantages and disadvantages so consider them carefully.
Regardless of the type of site you choose, here are a few key elements that affiliate sites should contain:
– Call to Action: Don’t think people are just going to come to your site, read your stuff and look for something to buy. You need to make sure that you call them to action very clearly. It’s also very important that your message and your call to action match perfectly, that will allow you to get the greatest response and the best clicks.
– Case Studies: People love case studies because they can see what happens when real people have used the products. Gather case studies. Start with your own if you have none, look on the companies website and ask them if you can use their material or track down users and create case studies. Be careful not to hype or mislead, just state facts and always give a clear picture of reality.
– Reviews: Product reviews are also great selling tools. People who are looking to buy something will often do a search for product reviews before making their purchase. Make sure your affiliate site’s product review comes up by building incoming links to that review.
So there you have a few tips on building a successful affiliate website. This is just the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey.
The next thing you’ll want to do is make sure you offer your target market an email list and plenty of follow up information in order to convert them from ‘lookers’ or ‘information seekers’ to buyers. Don’t let them find your affiliate site and then leave without buying!
Convince your website visitors by inviting them to sign up for your email list.
Now I’d like to invite you to join me as I teach you through my online video, webinar and email coaching program everything you need to know about building your own money making affiliate website with WordPress.

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