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Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Create a Unique Business Logo

Have you thought much about the branding you’re putting forth to your customers and clients?
When it comes to marketing your business, something as simple as a memorable graphic or catchphrase can create brand recognition and help you establish your business reputation. This is so important because every business needs to establish a relationship where their customers know, like and trust them.
When you think of Nike, what do you think of? For most people, the image of the Nike swoosh or the words “just do it” automatically jump into their mind when they think of the company.
When you see an image of an apple with a bite taken out of it, what do you think of? Many people will answer that question with either “Apple Computers” or “iPod”.
Establishing your own business logo or slogan can help people remember your business and think of it when the time comes that they actually want to use what you have to offer.
Branding With a Logo or Slogan
New visitors to your website will most likely not buy as soon as they get there. Most likely they’re going to see what you have to offer and then comparison shop or surf around looking at similar information.
You need to stand out in order to get them to return!
Creating a Logo That Helps You Stand Out
Look, the honest truth here is that a logo is not going to make or break your business. If you have a good one that helps you stand out that’s GREAT, but if you don’t have a logo you can continue and build a successful business.
The key to creating a logo that is unlike any other is to make sure it is completely authentic and infused with YOUR personality.
An example I can give you is in my own business here at Marketers Mojo. The name of this site itself is a great reflection of my own personality. I just love the word ‘mojo’ and the feel it gives.
Now of course my logo and branding is not just about me. It’s about my market and what they can relate to. The great thing about creating such an authentic logo is that it attracts people who also really resonate with what it represents. That way I work with people like me – and THAT makes for a business that I am completely in love with.
Logos That Associate You With Something
By creating your branding and logo you are associating something with your business. It may be a symbol or an animal or anything really. The important point is that when people see this representation anywhere else they may end up thinking of you if you’ve done your branding well.
When deciding which type of logo to use, think about your business and how you want to be perceived. Who is your target market and what type of things are they interested in? If your target market consists of grandmothers who are active, adding a rocking chair to your logo may insult them. However, featuring an older lady in tennis shoes or a in a jogging suit doing Pilates may make them laugh. This could be the type of logo that will stick with them and make them remember you.
The same goes for your slogan. Think of how you want to be represented and what appeals to your target market. In most cases it’s best to stay away from anything offensive, such as curse words or slang.
You will also want to stay away from trends. Your business logo and slogan can be with you for years. What is “cool” today can be “cold” tomorrow. Plan for a long-term investment and stick with what you will be proud of five or ten yeas from now.
How to Create a Free Business Logo
No cash to hire a graphic designer to create your logo? If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands to learn some graphic design yourself you could use the free graphics software program, Gimp. Gimp allows you to edit, create and enhance images and graphics for your website, business and branding.
You can learn more about using Gimp by checking out my program that offers live weekly webinars, email coaching, video tutorials, templates and more for creating great graphics and logos for your business.

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