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Saturday, March 4, 2017

How i Made Money Providing a Service, You Can Too

I can hardly believe it but I’ve been online for over 13 years. When I heard ‘the internet’s coming to town’ I was one of the first to walk myself into a teeny little office in our small town and sign myself and my family up for dial up internet service.
Back then, in 1996, I spent most of my time online chatting on chat boards. Then in 1999 I had a friend in college give me a sheet of html code and tell me I could use it to get a website page on the internet.
From 1999 until now I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours over multiple businesses. One of the businesses I’ve spent the most time on is the business of providing services to other business owners.
What services have I provided?
Virtual Assistance: I started a virtual assistance business over three years ago. Providing services to over fifty small business owners I put to use the years of internet marketing experience to make money.
What I did for clients was update their websites, submit articles, rewrite articles, submit websites to directories, write reviews, set up shopping carts, set up affiliate programs, and so much more. If it was internet marketing related, I did it at some point!
I wrote a report about how I got 11 clients in 24 hours that you can download for free if you want more info on how to become a virtual assistant.
Website Design: As I mentioned, I built my first website in 1999. Back then I wasn’t in business – I did it for a hobby! Yep, I’m that geeky.
When I first started making sites I hand-coded them by HTML. I spent a lot of time tweaking a website and just ‘playing’ around. Writing all the code by hand is time consuming! So, I played around with many different kinds of software that allow you to create a website.
The first program I tried out was XSitePro and I built a number of websites with that software. It did a good job but it was limiting. Then I used programs like Microsoft Frontpage and even the high end website design program Dreamweaver.
I fell in love with WordPress a few years ago and build most of my websites in this system. Once I became pretty skilled in WordPress I offered the installation, setup and customization as a service in my virtual assistant business. Then I decided to separate this out from the VA biz and offer it on its own.
Affiliate Management: My virtual assistant clients were smart marketers. Many had affiliate programs and had me doing work that would be classified as ‘affiliate management’.
As I became more experienced in affiliate management I decided to specialize in this area and move out of the virtual assistant service.
Article Ghostwriting: In 2007, I bought a small ghostwriting website from another work at home mom and started providing ghostwriting services.
Ghostwriting means selling content you’ve written and giving over full rights to the buyer. They put their name on it and use it as if they’ve written it themselves.
The site was called Article Mojo. We sold articles, blog posts, email autoresponders and special reports. I actually didn’t do the writing myself. When I ran this site I had a team of writers who did the writing.
So there you have it! Things I’ve done to make money by providing a service.
If you want to provide a service go for it! A word of warning though – There are only so many hours in the day so be sure you plan out your time carefully and make sure to work on passive revenue so you don’t always work hours for dollars.
How about you? Are you ready to start making money by providing a service? If so, join me as I teach you through this online video, webinar and email coaching program everything you need to know about building your own service providing website with WordPress.

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