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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Finding the Power of Your Own Energy

Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona is known for its luxury spa treatments, exciting rope challenges, and experiences with the horses at the nearby Purple Sage Ranch.
What’s great about most of the challenges and the Equine Experience is that they are all included with your ample overall cost for the stay. Although the spa treatments were amazing ñ including a thermal mud wrap ñ what stands out most in my memory of the time at Miraval are the “Swing and a Prayer” rope challenge and the Equine Experience.
And, believe me, the mud wrap was memorable – black French mud mixed with spirulina. coated over my legs, arms, and torso, followed by being wrapped up in a cocoon and having my head massaged. This was followed by my taking a shower in the treatment room and trying to become white again. Then, an amazing massage to end the pampering.
Back to the horse story! After we had all done the first part of the experience, grooming our horse’s hooves, brushing, and walking; we moved over to another ring where we would be lunging a horse.
As I watched our instructor demonstrate what we would be doing ourselves, I was convinced that there was no way I could get the horse to do this. She pointed the center of her body (belly button) at the horse’s rear end and he amazingly started to walkÖ She went a little faster and he moved faster. She turned and pointed toward his side instead of his behind, and he stopped. Amazing!
And then, she walked around in such a way that he totally reversed directions and moved quite rapidly. And then she turned again and he stopped. Wow! I was totally impressed.
Amazing power in that energy being pointed in various directions. I watched as another woman did the same movements without quite such accuracy in the horse movements that resulted from her actions.
And then it was my turn. I concentrated on the energy in my body and confidently aimed my energy toward Bailey’s behind. And, what do you know? He moved. I moved more quickly and so did he! I aimed at his side and he stopped. AND, after a reminder of just exactly how to do the turn operation, that worked also. Bailey did a total turnaround. I was feeling so energized running around the ring!
What a powerful metaphor for how we can use our energy. When we connect with our internal power and direct it well, we can move mountains.
It’s really an inside job. Concentration is essential. And the knowing that we do have the power actually GIVES us the power. Thank you, Bailey, for the amazing experience at Miraval.

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