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Monday, March 6, 2017

Customizing Your WordPress Website or Blog

Almost everyone who installs their own WordPress theme will want to customize the header. How you do this depends on the theme in question.
For most themes, you can use an FTP manager like Filezilla and then go in and replace the current header image on the theme. Again this will vary by theme so the best way to determine how to change your header is to find out if there are any support files with your theme and read them.
The best thing about buying premium themes is that they almost always come with user support as well as forums and files to make installation and customization easy for you.
Other items to customize:
Sidebar – Many people want to remove the ‘Meta’ information that is added to WordPress by default. You may also want to add an email opt-in and RSS Feed info to your sidebar. The easiest way to make changes to the sidebars is to find themes that are ‘widget’ ready. Widget ready themes allow you to easily add and remove widgets to your theme without knowing any special or custom coding. You simply click on the widget selection under ‘Appearance’ in the left menu of your WordPress software.
Background Color – If you know some HTML the background color is fairly easy to edit. In WordPress find your Stylesheet and the background color coding is usually very close to the top of the stylesheet. Again, this is made much easier if you choose a WordPress theme with different color options. There are many themes out there that now offer various color options. This would mean that you don’t need to make any coding changes yourself. Woo Themes is a great choice if you are looking for themes with different colors.
Footer – You’ll want to add your copyright to the footer of any blog or website you create with WordPress. You can also go to the CopyScape website and grab a graphic that shows your site is protected by copyright. To edit the footer you will need to go into your themes source files. These are found under the Appearance section but this time you will need to click ‘Editor’. Adding company information as well as privacy policy links in the footer section is a good idea also.
When choosing a theme look at what options are available. This will make doing the customization much easier when you come to it.
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