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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Create Training Videos – Common Questions & Answers

Creating training videos can move your business forward to the next level establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. Whether you use the videos to train clients or employees creating free or low cost training videos will give you the extra oomph that you need. You can in fact, create an entire business around training. Some common questions about creating free training videos are:
How do I record my computer screen?
Simple! Use a program such as Camtasia, click a few icons to start up the program and before you know it you’re recording your screen. You can record your screen to show anyone how to do anything on a computer such as: how to zip or unzip a file, how to upload a video to YouTube, how to solve an algebra problem, and much, much more, the sky is the limit — only your imagination can hold you back.
Can I give away the videos I make free?
Of course! You can give away free videos to your clients showing them important information about how to use your products or services. Additionally, video is a nice “premium” gift to give buyers for another purchase of some kind, or even an incentive to purchase more. For example, if you sell color cosmetics you can include a video on the proper way to use your product.
What if I want to charge for the training videos I make?
Then charge for them. Simply create a sales page for your videos, market them and watch the orders come in. Training videos can be hot property especially well made ones that avoid skipping important steps. If you know how to do essentially anything from planting a container garden to making graphics, you can record it your work as you complete it, describing everything you do, and provide the edited recording as a teaching tool.
Does it cost much to create a training video?
No, training videos don’t cost much to produce if you learn how to do it yourself. Even if you hire an expert to edit your raw footage from your flip cam or other camera the cost is well worth it. However, there are free and paid programs that you can use to create your training videos yourself if you care to learn. The trick is learning how to use the software and learning what the best ways to set up the videos are. You can do it quickly and today if you get started.

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