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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

4 Ways to Use a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blogs allow for a lot of flexibility. Here are four great ways to use a blog for business.
1. Blog – Of course a blog is an option, and a good option. There are many bloggers online making a great income. You can use blogs for much more than your sole business plan, however. Blogs are great additions to many businesses, no matter what you are selling. You can use a blog to help promote your service based business by providing information on your services and why they are helpful. You can use a blog to help you sell more physical products by giving great information about their uses and unique features.
2. Website – I’m sure you already know what a website is, but did you know you can use WordPress to build one? Many people think of WordPress as just a blogging platform but it can be much more than that. There are many savvy theme designers out there who can create wonderful themes that turn your blog into a full blown magazine site, or corporate style site or even a real estate site. You can also hire people to customize your theme to have a completely original website created on a very easy to use piece of software.
3. BlogSite – A blogsite is a great use of the WordPress system because it combines the best of both worlds with both a blog and a website. With a blogsite you set yourself up with main ‘pages’ that contain content that is pretty static in nature. This might be where you would promote your products or services, give more information about yourself and give your contact information. Then you would also have a section of the website for your blog. The big advantage to having a blogsite is that it’s an all in one system. In the past people would pay thousands of dollars for a regular, html website and then add a blog later. Now you can really simplify and save money by putting it all together.
4. Membership Site – Another use for WordPress that many people are interested in is it’s ability to also be a membership site. There are membership plugins you can now buy that make it quick and easy to set up your own website using WordPress as the forum for your material.
No matter how you use the program understanding what is possible will help you optimize this great piece of software that is available for free with most major hosting companies.
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