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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Creating Web Graphics For Your Online Business

Everyone doing business online knows how important it is to have a great website. What many don’t realize at first, however, is that a website is not just words and a layout. The determining factor in a website that’s just plain OK and one that is amazing has a whole lot to do with graphics.

If you need an example, look at any of the popular websites you visit on a daily basis and take note of how much is content and how much is images.
First and foremost, professional-looking graphics lead to a professional-looking website. If your graphics are blurry, out of focus, or simply look haphazardly put together, the whole look of your website will take a turn for the worst. When a new customer visits your site, they will assume you are an amateur or that you don’t care enough to do a quality job, and they won’t stick around for long.
Web Graphics For Business Branding:
Most good graphics will build your brand and send a message to your target market all at the same time.
If the graphics on your website do not convey the message you are trying to send, your visitors will end up confused and click away. If you sell products online the quality of your graphics also affects the success of your affiliate program as well as the number of incoming links you may receive.
By offering an affiliate program, you are asking other people to partner with you and sell your products or services. If the looks of the graphics you choose for your affiliate program do not convey an image that people want to endorse, you will have a hard time recruiting affiliates. If they are going to take the time and effort to promote your product, they deserve to have quality tools to do so. One of the tools they need is quality graphics.
Likewise, when you ask someone to partner with you on a link exchange, they are going to expect a quality graphic. They will be displaying this graphic, with a link to your page, on their website. If you send them an unprofessional-looking graphic, it is going to bring the look of their site down. They will more than likely decline your offer.
How to Create Web Graphics:
As you can see, graphics play a big part in your business. When you need to create graphics you’ve got two options:
1. Create them yourself.
2. Hire someone to make graphics for you.
I’ve used both options in my own business and can tell you there are definitely advantages to both.
If you create graphics yourself you don’t have to worry about trying to explain your vision to someone else. You also won’t have to wait for someone to get back to you if you design your own graphics.
If you hire someone to create your graphics you may be able to get superior quality graphics that you just couldn’t create yourself if you haven’t developed your skills yet.
I definitely recommend a combination of both. It’s always good to be able to create some simple graphics yourself to save both time and money. You could start by learning how to use the free graphics program called Gimp.
Learning how to use Gimp may take a little time, if you want to fast-track a bit I recommend checking out my program that offers video tutorials, pdf introduction, templates and more for creating great web graphics for your online business.

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