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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Comparing a Static Website and WordPress Blog

Trying to make a decision between using a static website vs. WordPress blog for your small business?
Here is a comparison of both so you can make an informed decision!

Static Website
A website made with HTML is commonly known as a static website. When a website is made in HTML it can be done all by hand (which is the long, outdated way and is rarely used) or it can be made with some sort of website design program such as Microsoft Expressions, Adobe Dreamweaver or a host of others.
•    Quickly Created – For someone who knows what they are doing a simple one or two page static website is a quick process to create. These are sometimes very useful for single salespages, email opt-in sites or anything that requires just a few pages.
•    Expensive – An HTML website can be expensive both to create and to maintain. You need to make sure you have a designer who knows the software your website was built in and that’s not always easy.
•    Organization is Difficult – Like I mentioned, static is great if you just need a page or two but some sites have hundreds of pages. Organization can be difficult and messy with a static website and pages can become out-date or missed without realization.
WordPress was originally created as a blogging software but it has grown into so much more than that. Yes, you can make wonderful blogs on WordPress but you can also build entire sites on this open source (free) piece of software.
•    Huge Selection of Themes – There are some amazing theme designers out there for WordPress who are constantly striving to create better themes for users. They span a wide range of colors, looks, niche topics and layouts.
•    Updating is Easy – Unlike the static website you can find people who know how to use WordPress very easily. There are hundreds of Virtual Assistants who provide the service of updates for your site built into this program. They’ll do this work for you at very reasonable prices as well.
•    Regular Upgrades – Because the software is open source one major disadvantage is the frequent updates required to keep away spammers and website hijackers.
•    Customization – Not all WordPress themes will be to your liking so you may need to do some customization. While this is a disadvantage to the newbie, if you find an experienced person to help you, this will be no problem at all.
Making the choice on which way to go will depend on your needs, your own experience, your range of information and how quickly you want to get set up. Just make sure you do your research before making the decision, saving yourself some time and hassle in the long run.
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